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Just a guy who thinks he has good taste in porn, sharing what he sees.

Turn Ons: Naturally busty women, public nudity, happy women, confident women, amateur couples.

Turn Offs: Fake breasts, Overly staged porn, most BDSM/violent stuff
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Bath bomb quiet time. Made myself cum using water while the tub filled up for the first time 😊 Love the little pink hearts that were in the bath bomb too 💖


The girl on the left has a fucking perfect body!

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(via dankhos)

More like butt surprise, amiright?

More like butt surprise, amiright?

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That last picture tho… damn she’s gorgeous!

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Easily one of my favorite amateur clips of all time. There’s so much going right here, and she reminds me of my favorite former partner.

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Blowing Exposed at http://exposed-in-public.tumblr.com/


La trompette


This picture speaks to me on so many levels! Absolute love it.


Walking Exposed at http://exposed-in-public.tumblr.com/



Topless Tuesday is gonna be no joke today. So much shit queued up! Let’s start with more of April O’Neil and Shay Laren!

NSFW: #caughtintheact

April O’Neil is a boss bitch.